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Two British Gillette sets for sale:

Hybrid Tech set:   $175   SOLD   Case isn't perfect - zipper closes fine but threading failing alongside part of it.

RFB New #77 set:   $85  $80  $75  $70  SOLD  Teeth are straight. One of the four corner tabs on the underside of the top cap is pretty much gone, but it doesn't affect the shave. Actually prefer the shave of this RFB New over the Hybrid Tech. 

Prices include shipping to CONUS and PayPal fees.  PM with questions or requests for additional photos. Thanks for looking!

[Image: fHZn2Fs.jpg?1]
[Image: qDizHie.jpg?1]
[Image: oju0wkl.jpg?1]

[Image: 8HhTocO.jpg?1]
[Image: mgOCsxu.jpg?1]
[Image: GCIMsYz.jpg?1]
[Image: NDxZbwE.jpg?2]

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Nice price on the hybrid tech. One of the most sought after British Gillette’s. Should sell quick at that price.

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Hybrid Tech is sold. RFB New still available.
Price reduction for the RFB New set - it's yours for $80.
RFB New priced reduced! $75 shipped to CONUS
RFB New down to $70!

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