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I waited SO LONG to acquire some HB Creeper soaps and aftershaves and I finally snagging some on Friday the 13th. Having never used these soaps before, I guess I was not expecting them to be so “soft”. The consistency reminds me of the samples I received from Murphy and McNeil. In all honesty, I don’t really care for softer soaps so these are being offered for sale.

Ruby Red Creeper soap and aftershave (both used for one shave)
Tangerine Creeper soap and aftershave (never used)
Lavender Creep soap (never used) The aftershave was sold out by the time my order was placed.

I paid $124.94 shipped for these items. I only want to sell them together.
I am asking $124 shipped to the US. (You cover PP fee or we can be friends)
Pics will be posted in the morning.

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