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Up for sale is the Hiram Commander SE razor.  This is a version of the Occam’s razor with a Cobra handle.  It’s solid stainless steel and I am including the 3 dot plate with it.  The plates are interchangeable and the razor brand new goes for $255 on the Classic Shaving website.  It comes with the 2 dot plate and you can order the 3 dot plate for another $14.  This thing is almost new.  I used it once with the 2 dot plate and once with the 3 dot plate.  I am selling this set for $125 (Price Drop) CONUS via PayPal.  PM me if interested. SOLD
[Image: 51bde30d9044200309376d8c6609e40b.jpg]
[Image: 0a75d6ab92fdcc8d36f96529c42e1739.jpg]
[Image: 50a302daf4d1160baba5877e0280dda0.jpg]
[Image: 8a8f63de1556cf0c4591a2ce519c00bd.jpg]
[Image: 2f3615ff027467c60037b24bff9d9145.jpg]
[Image: e0665bd0dfc44161b53d1de369b182fc.jpg]

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Price Drop to $125

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Interesting design.

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