Knothead Brush Works custom brush auction for DFS. Read more here!!

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I love swapping handles around to find my perfect setup. Unfortunately some of these haven’t made the cut lately so I’m looking to sell them to find some other handle purchases. Not interested in trades unless you have a triad aristocrat, Juergen Hempel aristocrat style, or a UFO Kaiser in 85mm. 

1. Charcoal Goods Brass stinger V1. $100 SOLD
1.5. charcoal goods antique brass stand. $100 SOLD
2. Charcoal Goods Brass OG bishop handle. $90 SOLD
3. Charcoal Goods SS stinger V1 handle. $120 SOLD
4. Haircut and Shave polished handle. $70 $65 Traded
5. Charcoal Goods copper torpedo handle. $70 $65 $60

I can polish the stand or the copper if you want. I also have the copper stinger but would only be looking to trade that towards a copper aristocrat style handle. 

[Image: XM2LFnF.jpg]

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PM sent on SS Stinger
Sean, Upstate N.Y.
I will take the stand!
SS stinger and CG stand sold
Brass stinger sold
Bump, price drop on remaining handles
CG Bishop sold
bump, price drop
Bump* price reduction on remaining handles

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