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Hello! Looking to clear out some items from my den to make room (both physically and financially) for some new items. Shipping is included CONUS on all the razors. Soaps are $5 shipping unless you buy more than one. Take all the soaps/sets for $40 shipped.

Blackbird combo $235 (msrp $305)
Includes a polished SS blackbird with the OC plate, and a machined finish SB plate. Has the 85 mm handle. There are some small "scratches" just from normal use, but they're hard to see. This is my desert island razor, but I recently obtained a brassbird so I no longer need this one.
[Image: TI6iKLs.jpg]
[Image: MJJGNXE.jpg]
[Image: ZEtG0YW.jpg]
[Image: jAhYo0p.jpg]
Karve D plate $65 (msrp $75)

Used a few times, just polished off all the patina today. Nice and shiny!
[Image: Q3USl58.jpg]
[Image: YFoq7TC.jpg]

Charcoal goods bishop handle $80

Never used, purchased along with a maze handle and have used that instead. Perfect condition.
[Image: wyD4VHg.jpg]

Tatara Nodachi $145 (msrp $175)

Small shiny spot on the top cap (pictured). It's not a dent or a scratch, almost like a small polishing in the finish. Doesn't affect the shave.
[Image: 3SL228B.jpg]
[Image: XMzUOxc.jpg]
[Image: 57DSE0H.jpg]

Oleo Isidro $12 (msrp $18) 90% remaining
[Image: gxdMLC3.jpg]

WSP Mahogany Set $20 (msrp $42) 85% remaining
[Image: qU9YqRt.jpg]
HSSC Reflections $12 (msrp $18) 90% remaining

[Image: OLCmfK2.jpg]

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