A. Feitar
Portland, OR
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Haircut & Shave Co. H&S, N075 Stainless Razor, Polished

Excellent Condition with no visible damage.  Complete with Original Box, plastic protective Washer and microfiber Cloth.

I am selling to make room for a new Karve titanium razor.

$175 with free USA shipping.  PayPal G&S only please.  International shipping at cost.

[Image: RtC4Lph.jpg]
[Image: I6j2rPw.jpg]
[Image: M9f1A1Z.jpg]
[Image: TP4wafa.jpg]
[Image: XggNvPk.jpg]
[Image: LBVFnjI.jpg][Image: Y6nHjBK.jpg]

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Great seller. Ships immediately, and I’ve been enjoying a recently purchased razor from him. Buy with confidence.


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A. Feitar
Portland, OR
Price drop to $175

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