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Adding PolSilver 5 Blade Packs to incentivize buyers - Grooming Dept and Wholly Kaw lots for sale grouped as follow:

$120 for all the soaps with blade packs

(SOLD) Lot 1: (SOLD)
4 Packs of PolSilvers
Grooming Dept Mallard Lot:
Earl Grey Gelato New
Kulfi New
Pekin New
Lavender 2/3 Left
Retail: $104 – ConUS $70

Lot 2:
3 Packs of PolSilvers
Wholly Kaw/Grooming Dept Lot:
King of Oud 3/4 Left
Dark Vetiver 1/3 Left
Conca d’Orange 2/3 Left
Mandarin Bay 5/6 Left
Retail: $95 – ConUS $40

Lot 3:
2 Packs of PolSilvers
Citrus Lot:
What the Puck Lime Used once or twice
Yuzu ‘1/2 Left
Kolnisch ‘1/2 Left
Retail: $55 – ConUS $20

(SOLD) Polsilvers 100 Packs – 2 @$20/each ConUS or $15 if purchased with soap (SOLD)

[Image: AMeKlUx.jpg]

[Image: lNkPuUm.jpg]

[Image: mUCwpwp.jpg]

[Image: K97KDwc.jpg]

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I have known Enzo for years and vouch for him. He is a reliable person. Trade with confidence
PM about the blades
Added PolSilver blade packs

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haha entice maybe?
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