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SOLD - thanks - All of these British shaving creams are either unused or have at least 80% left. The charcoal shaving cream lathers white :-) Selling the lot for $45 $35 shipped CONUS.

- DR Harris Eucalyptus Shaving Cream
- Knightsbridge Charcoal Shaving Cream
- Simpson’s Luxury Shaving Cream
- Taylor's Eton College Shaving Cream
- British Barbers Association Shaving Cream

[Image: gyoNxuC.jpg]
[Image: 3M79S9p.jpg]
That Eton College looks a little shy of 80 percent... but good stuff.
Thanks - I do know it looks like that - I used it for 7 shaves - for those interested, that container weighs 8.2 ounces. That said, though, package is now $39 shipped :-)

The title prefix says "want to buy" Smile
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oops .... thanks - now $35 shipped :-)

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