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Another vintage razor for sale as I am clearing out a few beautiful sets before the turn of the new year.  For your consideration is a beautiful 1930 Gillette NEW Criterion Deluxe Chromium Set. NEW PRICE:  $150.00 delivered CONUS USPS Priority Mail.

The razor is about as nice as you can expect to see from a 90 year old razor.  The handle is intact with no cracks.  The baseplate is flawless.  The top cap has a couple of very minor scratches, but otherwise shines as you can see in the following images.  

The case is as good as I have seen.  The velvet deep purple with the printing still crisp.  The blade bank looks like it is brand new.  It also includes the very hard to find original Gillette Deluxe Blades which were introduced and discontinued in 1930.  If you are a collector, this set should be in your collection.  BONUS:  It shaves as beautifully as it looks.

Please let me know if you have questions.  Additional pictures available upon request.

[Image: vHxOU2q.jpg]

[Image: HeSqJOR.jpg]

[Image: HoLnkbd.jpg]

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I am already in the spirit of the holiday season, so I am going to lower the price one time to $150.00 delivered USPS First Class Mail CONUS only.  I think this is a terrific price for such a nice specimen.  Someone is going to love having this razor and set.

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Who replated the razor?
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(12-13-2019, 03:30 AM)Jonjo Wrote: Who replated the razor?
Greetings, Jonjo.  I have no knowledge of it being re-plated.  It came to me from Souel, Korea.  I haven't seen too many of these razors with no handle cracks or any flaws in the handle for that matter, original DeLuxe Blades looking like they were just produced, case and blade bank like new etc. I would be surprised to learn it was re-plated.  If so, someone did an amazing job.  Thanks.
Sounds good to me


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(12-13-2019, 03:30 AM)Jonjo Wrote: Who replated the razor?

Normally, replates are done to razors where the plating is badly marred. Even after the replate is done, you can still see
scratches and markings as the process does not remedy those imperfections...it merely glosses over them.

I have purchased a number of vintage razors that were very well preserved...they were certainly not replated...just very well
kept or not used much by their erstwhile owners. This looks like a fabulous specimen which I don't think is replated.
Plus the seller is topnotch.

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