Mexico City
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For sale is a Gillette Fatboy Executive D3

The Razor is in excellent working condition, opens and closes smoothly, adjust in all settings and the baseplate is even.

Just some minor spots of plating as you can see in the pictures in one of the doors and over the dial, but overall is in excellent condition

Take it for $75 dls, price includes worldwide shipping and fees.

Thank you!

[Image: SE1m2DQ.jpg]
[Image: 4qcYBNJ.jpg]
[Image: ftcP1dy.jpg]
[Image: 5Rw29He.jpg]
[Image: tDnRE6E.jpg]
[Image: 81KOUCJ.jpg]
[Image: R2Uk0dd.jpg]
[Image: 8NM42Ah.jpg]
[Image: Q2n7wYz.jpg]

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Amazing price... Good Luck..

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Mexico City
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