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Stating $1 because I don’t know an appropriate price for 10 (or whatever comprises a pack) shipped to 30269 but please to make a fair proffer.

Will test side by side and post results in SE forum. Tired of complaining about price of FHS and curious if there is an option at least as good as Feathers. Want these notched using a quality punch machine of known manufacturer such that I can source if it passes muster.
You're better off buying a hand nibbling tool ($12 on average) and cutting off the corners of the Gem yourself. Between de-spining and nibbling it takes me a good 2 mins. Google search "Modify gem for Oneblade" and you should find step by step details with pictures. Hope that helps, Happy New Year

Seattle, WA (USA)
If you have a V1 OneBlade, then you only need to de-spine the blades. You don't need to notch them.

Notching is only necessary for the V2. Either way, I could never get a good shave from a OneBlade.

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