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Here are 3 soaps I’m selling as one lot. I always scoop out never Lather in my tubs. Each one has only been used a few times. All 3 shipped CONUS $45
2nd lot of B&M listed below

[Image: 2DKMtMx.jpg]

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which declaration is that?
(04-18-2019, 09:42 PM)nachum Wrote: which declaration is that?

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I am adding a 2nd lot of Barrister and Mann
B & M Reserve Cool soap and AS
B & M Reserve lavender soap, AS & EDC
MSRP $119.98 will sell shipped CONUS for $70
Buy both lots for $90 shipped CONUS
[Image: J7R1rwk.jpg][Image: P9wP0wU.jpg]
Let’s see if anyone is reading the update posts. Good Friday special all of the above items plus a few items thrown into a USPS Priority box shipped CONUS $30 Good till 3:00 pm EST Friday April 19th

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Pm incoming
I'll take it if the first pm falls thru

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