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Good Morning all! Today I have two brushes up for sale that are well taken care of and have been used less than 15 times. Neither of them are shedders and both knots are wonderful. Both come with the original boxes. I would like to sell these as I don't use them very often and would like to fund another purchase.

Shavemac 2Band Silvertip w/ Blue Marble Handle - I am the second owner of this brush and bought it from Optometrist.
Knot: 28mm
Loft: 50-51mm
Retail $192.39
CONUS - $150 $145 $140 Along with this I will in Maggards V3A razor head plus a SC SS sample SOLD

TSN Simpsons P8 - I am the original owner and it has been used less than 15 times. A gem of a brush but I don't use it very much.
Knot: 25mm
Loft: 50mm
Since they don't sell this particular model I was thinking $90 CONUS SOLD

If you would like Insurance please add $5 to the price. Thanks for taking the time to look. Please PM if interested and have a great day!

[Image: Oe1CzmR.jpg]

[Image: rI7Uzqh.jpg]

[Image: XHu9nD0.jpg]

[Image: b7xhF3N.jpg]
I'm surprised this is still up. I'll be happy to work something out, but no trades please.

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