Alright guys, this one is going to hurt a little but unfortunately we are blowing the wedding budget and I need to free up some cash. 

Up for sale today are 2 items that speak for themselves. A 7/8 RW Straight and a Tony Miller Heirloom Strop (with all upgrades added). This razor has been freshly honed by Robert himself and while he had it, he upgraded to his new pin system.

Price: $475 firm. Together these items new cost probably closer to double this price.

Thanks for looking!

[Image: aoCoVYI.jpg]

[Image: Xj8Xx8N.jpg]

[Image: h9vw5G1.jpg]

[Image: DtcgQDM.jpg]

[Image: JvddEzE.jpg]

[Image: FCn1IYI.jpg]

[Image: EexRvU6.jpg]

[Image: rg7wNkg.jpg]

[Image: IO3if4A.jpg]

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