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I am selling my polished Blackland Sabre razor with Level 1 baseplate - in excellent condition with box and blades - It's a great razor, but I just don't use it enough and am funding another purchase. $179 shipped US.

[Image: 7xWS4ID.jpg]
[Image: lJ5U9vN.jpg]
[Image: sjVPvqS.jpg]

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Great razor, great price, even better seller! Happy2

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Nice deal, GLWS.

If I had any interest in GEM style, I'd be all over this.

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Thanks Joel - I think it's the best GEM razor out there - just trying to stick with DEC and AC razors....
That’a a beauty!

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Thanks so much - some one will be very happy with this razor - it's stunning in person - can't quite capture it in pictures....

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