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Paring down a bit - selling my Paladin Ivory Samurai 26mm brush with the great D6 knot - excellent condition - beautiful grain - hard to capture in pictures. Comes with card and tube. $210 shipped US.

[Image: NjRQZAV.jpg]
[Image: kCkVH0b.jpg]
[Image: htcSQ99.jpg]
[Image: jq0iNC5.jpg]
[Image: 2ijdSyS.jpg]
[Image: 40DWd2O.jpg]

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Hey Ian, How are you doing? GORGEOUS Samurai! Ivory Samurai is classic, VERY tempting...

Hey Brother, looks like you've been strumin' & pickin'...

GLWS, actually not be needing luck with THIS brush! Someone, jump on it, PLEASE.

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OMG ... eye candy. A stunner! GLWTS.

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Glenn! How are you?? it's amazing how long after not playing a guitar those callouses linger!
The ivory samurai is stunning in person - someone's gonna be happy with this brush!
I appreciate your post - hope you're doing well!!

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