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Just received, not my thing so I'm looking to sell
(btw I know about the possibility to return but it took almost 3 weeks to get here so not a option)

Blackland Sabre top cap + level 1 and level 2 base plate (If you buy it new you pay $234 + shipping  + customs €80 and would end up around  €300)  Selling for €210 (includes registered shipping with tracking, PayPal fee and 199 blades within Europe). Outside of Europe possible but without the blades because of weight.

Trades I would consider (price difference to be negotiated of course)
Blackbird Jet Razor
Blackbird Dart Razor
Paradigm razor (any)
Captain Excelia razor folding
Raw Shaving RS-10

[Image: xqQL1Q2.jpg]

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