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I’m letting go of this beauty. A BSSW collab. Only lathered 3 times. Nowhere near broken yet but already displaying  soft tips with lots of spring to them as well. Very dense knot. I haven’t officially measured but it appears to be 30 mm.  The colour is American Butterscotch. There is currently no blonde badger available through BSSW so get this while you can. Retail is 245.00 USD. Asking for 205.00 USD shipped. reduced to 190.00 USD shipped. FINAL REDUCTION 180.00 USD. FINAL 155.00 USD

[Image: 2c642f7544412d6845ea9e426003f464.jpg]

[Image: 470723fe402ea71c4367929da45da00f.jpg]

[Image: d5a17eeef671d1f21cd2b1631252f6e2.jpg]

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That's a beauty, Carmine. GLWTS!
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Ah, che bel vivere, che bel piacere per un barbiere di qualità...
Thank you Joseph

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Price reduced to 190.00
Nice brush Carmine. I love the tone of that Butterscotch.
Thanks Gabe. It's a very nice shade of butterscotch. Very different.
Open to offers.
Bump for the weekend. 175.00 USD will take it.
Final reduction 155.00 USD

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