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I'm letting go of these two beautiful brushes. Both are flawless and present as new. No shedding whatsoever.   A considerable amount of gelled tips have already developed with the Liquid Gold Chubby after only a few uses.The faux ivory has developed similar characteristics as well. Asking 260.00 USD for each brush which includes shipping in it's original box. These prices are well below the retail price and are not currently available.

1. LE Silvertip Liquid Gold. (2019) SOLD
2. LE Sivertip Faux Ivory (2018) REDUCED TO 250.00

[Image: PjRRD8j.jpg]

[Image: Ra9DEXl.jpg]
[Image: dNmiokr.jpg]
[Image: I7OF8mA.jpg]

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Liquid Gold Chubby has sold. Faux Ivory remains
Faux ivory Chubby 2 has been reduced to 250.00. This will be the only reduction on this brush.
Both brushes have sold

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