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For sale are 2 lightly used scents. First up is WK Project Leather set. Lathered twice and splash used once

[Image: c70f33a08ba60cdc9f877980d8b8a974.jpg]

$35 shipped in CONUS

Next up is a scent from the newest GD release - Flight - lathered twice. LOVE the scent but it makes my lips tingle and face reacts a bit.

[Image: 0ed1809ccff448fc552edeffae42989b.jpg]

$17 shipped in CONUS

Thanks for looking. Not looking for trades necessarily but feel free to shoot something my way if you feel like it.

Pm sent
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Wholly kaw set SOLD!!!
Will trade GD for:

T&S maya
GD Angel
GD Chype

Alcohol based AS
I have a tub of T&S Maya I would be willing to trade for the GF
Sry, meant to say GD
Pm sent
Going to post office tomorrow

$16 shipped on the soap. That’s 5 bucks off for a sold out new release that has been lathered 2 Times.
All sold! Thanks DFS!

Peachtree City, GA
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