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I am selling my Black Eagle Cheetah brush - in perfect condition - 25mm knot. Comes with box and certificate of authenticity. Unobtainable. $295 shipped US
[Image: dpyEfzS.jpg]
[Image: msmwKIY.jpg]
[Image: GgeQyww.jpg]
[Image: zzx4Wej.jpg]
[Image: 4AVGhLx.jpg]
[Image: SqS4VSV.jpg]

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hand tied knot?
no, it's not one of his HT knots - would be much more expensive than this - but it's a great badger knot - strong backbone with soft tips....
Damn, that's a sexy handle!
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(08-07-2019, 06:33 AM)Mr_Smartepants Wrote: Damn, that's a sexy handle!

I love it when you talk like that Smile

It's a great brush, but need to pare down my collection. Open to offers...

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