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For sale CONUS Priority and PayPal payment.
$200 package priced.
Hand polished Above the Tie SE1 2016 Version, with Stork Titanium handle plus stand. New pack of feather and kai included, the proline is missing 2 blades.
$102 used from ATT for the head
$120 stork Ti Buldog
$13 Steel stand
Blades are average $10-15 pack

Stork handle is titanium Buldog. Don’t think they ever put in production, made special.

This is the handle Dimensions:
Handle Length: 90mm / 3.54″
Handle Diameter: 13mm / 0.51″
Handle Weight: 45g / 1.58oz

Little video to show off. If you have sound on, that’s my daughter talking. Lol


[Image: 55be112afe4ad2fad5df6c5464427ce7.jpg][Image: 8517ee480b8fab5631cc73aebe445183.jpg][Image: 4b690bfb015504b5a6d36e81c75bd6c3.jpg]

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Great looking handle!

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