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Tucson, AZ
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FS:  Karve Christopher Bradley Razor. 3 inch handle with B, C, & D plates.  $150 $135 delivered CONUS via USPS Priority Mail. Oops.  I miscalculated the exchange rate. Purchased 3 months ago and used occasionally since then.   Paypal.


[Image: qEoiBMj.jpg]

[Image: 49jqTOe.jpg]

[Image: sjUra2N.jpg]

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Shave Maharaja
18 hours and still here ! Wow this is one missed thread I think for an awesome razor. GLWTS

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If mine wasn't already, after two months, finally on the way ....
Just not a fan of the 3inch handle or I'd scoop it up.

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Tucson, AZ


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