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I have an Alumilite Theodore from the first [Theodore] release back in December.  I just scored an Ebonite version and don't need both.  I would like to trade my Theodore for your Franklin.  Color and batch are not important to me, any Franklin will work.  I know many found the Franklin to be too large and for those that do, the Theodore should be a great alternative.  I would prefer to keep this trade to within the US and would be willing to throw something in to even up the value (soap, razor, cash).  Please PM me if you are interested.

Now available for $170 shipped US only.

[Image: 00tR9bN.jpg]
Was it December of 2017? B3 hair?

Vancouver, WA USA
(01-16-2018, 05:34 PM)Kehole Wrote: Was it December of 2017? B3 hair?

That is the correct date and I assume also on the batch though I don't see any indication of what these latest brushes actually have.
Batch 3 is huge according to Scott. It’s not changing any time soon. Good luck with the trade!

Vancouver, WA USA
Thanks for the info Kehole, brush is now available for sale as well.

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