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Hello All,

I would like to sell these items in very good condition: Both are .74 mm gap, which is too much for me. (Brass is starting to patina)

1. Brass WR1 SB | WRH2 Handle - $550 Shipped CONUS

2. SS WR1 DC | WRH7 Handle -$550 Shipped CONUS

3. Dr. Jons Flowers in the Dark (Will throw in sample of THB Lavender Creeper) - $30 Shipped CONUS

[Image: f8mp8Ix.jpg]

[Image: JSbo9hh.jpg]

[Image: jztfh30.jpg]

Thank you for looking.

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Very nice razors. I'm very tempted and must resist.

Pm sent

SS DC sold...Brass & Flowers In the Dark still available....
PM sent

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All sold. Thanks DFS!

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