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For sale : a brand new Follicle and Limb synthetic shaving brush.

I got two of these and I only need one.

This is a gorgeous synthetic brush with its aluminum stand.Very heavy and elegant indeed as you can see on the pics.

The brush has a 24 mm knot and 52 mm loft and uses the same silvertip fiber than other brands.I used this brush with painting strokes with great results when I facelather with it but can be used with circular strokes too.

Extra densely packed with fibers as you can also see on the pics.Regular price is 85 UK pounds plus shipping (around 120 dollars all together) Asking 70 dollars , shipping included.


CONUS only.I do Venmo and PayPal.Thanks for looking.

[Image: tidFSAw.jpg]

[Image: OWZ38Lr.jpg]

[Image: OnZL7VL.jpg]

[Image: 7TQOL46.jpg]

[Image: 0nZtYCF.jpg]

[Image: eochpxd.jpg]

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Bump and price reduction : 70 dollars , shipping included.
Sold : thank you so much to buyer and forum.

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