More Human than Human
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Hello Gents,

Up for consideration is a Brad Sears Shave Works handcrafted Alibaba style in Jade with Tortoise shell collar. A 30mm 2 band finest silvertip bulb crowns the handle. Translating the curves and proportions for a larger scale Alibaba handle was the challenge and Brad really nailed it with this one. The jade stock is also one of the nicest I've seen. Layers of light greens, white and minimal striations of browns with no blobs.

New this retails for $270 and takes about 2 weeks get it here for $180 $175 $165. Price includes PP and Shipping to ConUS. International buyers please pm for additional shipping cost. Thanks for looking!
[Image: 9mwNJOm.jpg][Image: cg371yc.jpg][Image: eYJaFoG.jpg][Image: ozMUewU.jpg]

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More Human than Human
Price drop —$175

More Human than Human
Last and Final Price Drop $165. Thanks DFS
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That handle is spectacularly beautiful! I've been admiring it since you posted it.
Good luck with the sale. Happy2
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More Human than Human
Thank you for the kind words, friend.

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