Rex Envoy DE Razor & Barbershop Soap DFS Raffle. Read more here!!

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I bought this Feather DX a few months ago thinking it would be a good way to practice my straight razor shaving on days I have to work and don’t have time to property maintain my razors. Boy was I wrong! I cannot shave with this thing to save my life! No matter how careful I am, I ALWAYS cut my face up!

My loss is your gain (hopefully). This is like new and will come with quite a few blades. I also had this rescaled by Morgan at Silverloaf with green Paua scales (before I realized I suck at using it). He suggested the scales be pinned using the traditional method. I don’t have the original plastic scales or box. Only 2 or 3 blades have been used so the packs you see should almost be full. 
I am asking $200 shipped for the razor and blades.
Will consider trades for a nice badger brushes or DE razor.

[Image: mcsqD5j.jpg][Image: hkD9VYA.jpg][Image: Jv8fHO8.jpg][Image: LtR5wx9.jpg][Image: hujpOPL.jpg][Image: mQNDxxq.jpg]

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Beautiful razor! GLWTS!

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