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Selling this Japanese masterpiece. Razor is in great overall condition. The only flaw are a few lines on the top cap (not scratches), see pictures. My guess is that they are from the coating feather uses. Washer was used to protect the bottom of the base plate. Comes with case and original paperwork.
Razor is not as mild as some people say. The optimal angle is pretty narrow, but within that angle it has decent efficiency. Unless you like hyper-efficient razors, I think the AS-D2 could be a great fit.

Retails for $187

Selling for $95 CONUS 

MIGHT be open to trades for things other than soap/aftershaves.

Thread is closed for comments, but if you're seeing this then the razor is still available. 


[Image: xWdbrtf.jpg]

[Image: 27YtxA1.jpg]

[Image: Z3ndXFw.jpg]

[Image: 1qd4zO7.jpg]

[Image: RZnXlb3.jpg]

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Would like to add that I'm especially interest in a partial trade for a gray nodachi open comb base plate.

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