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Greetings everyone,

Looking to sell some shaving soaps and creams.

Esbjerg grapefruit. Retail $24 @90%
Santa Maria Novella. Retail $71 @70%
Nuavia Blue. Retail $65 @90%
Eufros -  Citricos and Dama de Noche, which are very natural scents of curated lemon and an elegant jasmine scent (vegan formula). Retail $17 plus shipping from Spain. @90-95%
DR Harris Lavender. Retail $19.5 @70%
Haslinger tallow formula. Marigold, Seaweed and Sheep Milk. No longer available. New, New and @30% (adding for free).
L’Occitane Cade. Retail $14 @85%

Take it all for $145 shipped. PP payment.  

[Image: kXq1tK0.jpg]

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Sweetening the deal.

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