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Hi DFS looking to sell this set that was an LE exclusive to Canadian Wet Shavers FB group. Looking for 55 US + shipping. The set is a collaboration between Tallow+Steel & Maol Grooming.
Base Notes: Tobacco, Patchouli

Middle Notes: Atlas Cedarwood, Bergamot, Clary Sage, Coffee, Juniper Berry, Palmarosa

Top Notes: Basil, Cardamom

100% Essential oils and extracts

All other stuff in the photos is not for sale. Just the soap and aftershave. Soap is 85% and aftershave is 95% this set is used.[Image: cd6e35c6c5d0704a79b14a3891fc0830.jpg][Image: 754e74d85fc9dd6f1cf1b675e8788a82.jpg]

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I’ll take it pls
Sold pending funds

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Please Archive this product has been sold! Cannot change prefix on my end.

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