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Looking to sell Echoes of Rain by Maol Grooming.
$80 shipped from Canada
Will update once paid
[Image: 96D6A6C8-7CBB-4CEC-9E00-05B90A5A7F14_zpsqsy5ljuv.jpg]

[Image: 4D1CC3E1-669C-426F-98C4-ADD6426CA79B_zpswdaec5pl.jpg]
$80 CAD?

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Not it’s USD sorry

Let me know if you're willing to split and sell the aftershave alone.
I could be interested in the soap (for a reasonable price) if CCity wanted the aftershave. With Canadian shipping would probably be better if it were shipped as a set to the US then split. CCity PM me if you want to to discuss pricing.

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