Homelike Shaving Start DE Razor DFS Raffle. Read more here!!

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Shipping from Canada. Priced in USD.
Prices do not include shipping. Usually about $15 for a small box to the USA.
Can provide close up pics on request, but most items are in excellent / near new condition.

First order to someone in Canada ships free on Tuesday.

Contact me for outside US/Canada.

(used twice)Feather AS-D2 with stand $165
Shavecraft Ikon 102 $25
*SOLD*Timeless .95 smooth cap, sb, pineapple handle (polished) (with box)  $150
Timeless .68, smooth cap, scalloped base, barber handle (matte) (with box) $150
*SOLD*Seygus (with aluminum box) $100
(new)Gamechanger (standard gap) $55
(used once) Blackland Blackbird matte $155
*SOLD*Weber PH $140
Blackland Sabre Gem Level 1 (matte, with box - some water marks) $150
Rockwell 6C $35
*SOLD*Wolf Whiskers brown and creme -note it has a small bubble in the resin  $75 (https://imgur.com/qEzo4MX)
Simpson Best Badger X3 $45
*SOLD*Milton Shave Brush 30mm (Orange and Red) $30
*SOLD*Tom Forsythe (purple and gold) $35
Envy Shave Brush (green aluminum) $55
Dogwood Synthethic Hybrid 24mm $55
That Darn Rob (Black, Silver, Blue, a little bronze) $34
Semogue Excelsior 820 (must be bought with something else) $12
*SOLD*Omega 6735 Super Badger $35
(new) Kent BK2 Pure Grey Badger $50
*SOLD* N.A.B.W.S.C. Manchurian Brush with base by Dean Marklewaiter $55
AYLM - Crumiro - low amount (must be bought with something else) $3
Tabula Raza - Dezember - mostly full $12
New York Shaving Company Tonsorial Set (new) $45

[Image: XZNqMJj.jpg]

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