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Selling Declaration Jefferson Unicorn Ivory B3-$200 Shipped.

Lovely brush with great soft tips and great backbone. Whips lather early. Previous owner states he used it max 15 times and I have used it maxed 5 times. Selling due to me not reaching it for it that often. 27mm knot. Paypal only please.

[Image: 0f859c1e01d2d1cc27ef31aa059fb4ec.jpg]

[Image: 756389564f23d560bec4bdee657c09a7.jpg]

[Image: 6491f1ce0cec8e0f0644586adb136b50.jpg]

[Image: 6579a371814d633a0ba96f440119fb91.jpg]
Updated listing as want to sell
Brush SOLD!!!

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