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Good Afternoon All,

Den Clearing continues….PP only, all prices include CONUS shipping, please mention "PM sent" in comments

Buyer of most items gets priority sale

Blade LOT (will not split) Polsilver SI 200 blades + 50 Feather blades $59

DE Razor Lot (will not split) includes $69
- ikon 101 (head only)
- RR Slant (head only)
- EJ89 w/barley handle
- Matador on RR handle
- RR Tech

WSP Horn Handle Silvertip 26 x 50 $59

WSP Black Handle 23 x 48 2 band finest $39

Take the whole bundle ...blades, razors, brushes for $200

Thanks for looking!

[Image: cakZcCF.jpg]
[Image: WNaLoEd.jpg]
[Image: oVmXM34.jpg]

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