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I gave it a try a couple times, but it's clear that oud is just not for me.  4 fluid ounces.  96%+ remaining.  No box.  $165 shipped CONUS.  (Retails for $198-500.) SOLD

Top notes: lemon, pinkberries, bergamot
Middle notes: cedar, galbanum, angelica roots
Base notes: sandalwood, oud, Tonkin musk

[Image: 3ovywRY.jpg]

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May want to show batch code on bottle and spray mech. There are a lot of fake creeds out there

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I'll repeat what I said on TSN: This member does NOT sell fakes. Buy with confidence.

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A che bel vivere, che bel piacere, per un barbiere di qualità! Happy2

This is not fake bottle and seller is great gentleman. Buy with confidence.

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As suggested -
[Image: AoTaH4b.jpg][Image: bwSXRly.jpg]

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Reduced to $180 shipped.

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Seattle, WA
Reduced to $170 shipped.

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Final price reduction - $165. The price is not going lower. If it doesn't sell, I'll just use it, even though it is not a favorite.
John, I had a similar experience with the Oud Royale - it took me awhile to develop a taste for it (similar to what happened with B&M Leviathan). Now this fragrance is among my most favorite with a couple of backups Smile

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