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Hey all

I’m looking to move along a razor and blade lot that includes a Colonial General v1 in black anodized aluminum and several boxes of Schick Proline blades. Price for the razor and blade lot is $160 and includes CONUS shipping. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Thanks for looking.

[Image: XUuS6ZB.jpg][Image: 5TXDzqa.jpg][Image: r5oJa9b.jpg]

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How many blades are in each of those cartridges? Thanks.
Each box has 30 blades. The two sleeves of blades without a box have approximately 15 each.
This is some deal now. Glwts.

Those who haven't tried V1 should grab this. This is a killer deal and the razor is quite an efficient shaver.

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Weekend bump!
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3x boxes sold.

Still available General v1 aluminum razor + 6x new boxes and 2x open ones = $130 shipped CONUS.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or any reasonable offers.
The razor and a few boxes are sold.

5x new boxes of Schick Prolines left. They’re yours for $55 shipped CONUS. Happy to ship international at actual cost of shipping. Thanks!
If Only I wasn’t in the 2020 sabbatical on another forum I’d be all over this.  GLWTS

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