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Up for your consideration today are some of the finest quality pocket knives one can own.

These knives are posted on 2 other forums as well so I'll be providing the link to one of the pages.

I'll provide a link, I hope this is not a problem. I read over the rules and it seems it's okay, so I'll give it a try if not feel free to remove. Thank you

There are three knives the first one is sold. The two remaining are the more expensive and the most collectible. The third knife is quite rare as you will read if interested.


Enjoy the photographs even if you don't purchase one they're beautiful knives and the last I own.

Thanks for taking the time to look.
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I don't do the book of face...pist pics/prices here? CR is some fine steel fo sho.

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These knives are also posted on blade forums. Here's the link for that.

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Classic sebenza ug https://imgur.com/gallery/vSiVy
This knife $650 or best offer includes PayPal fees and shipping be sure and use goods and services.
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Additional pictures of the unique graphic above.

New Old Stock with blue sapphire cabochon https://imgur.com/gallery/aCmPE
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