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All excellent razors but I have others in my collection I prefer. All razors are priced for shipping CONUS only. PayPal G&S
Left to Right in pic
1. Charcoal Goods Everyday razor in Brass, no longer available, Victorian handle $150
2. Charcoal Goods level 3 SS razor version 2 Maze handle. These may no longer be made and is unavailable  $250
3. Henson aluminum razor MSRP $40 plus shipping sell for $38
[Image: CaMd1jM.jpg]

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Great prices, terrific seller - GLWS!!

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Pm’ed you Mark. Thank You
Great prices, GLWTS Mark!

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CG Everyday sold

Williamsburg, KY
I'll take the Hensen Mark

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Everything is sold Thank You DFS and buyers.

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