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Hi Gents,

This is something truly special. For the brush aficionado this may be the prize piece in their collection. For me it was a guilty purchase at a time of weakness. It has been used a handful of times and thoroughly cleaned each time followed  by a gentle comb. The knot is free from imperfections and displays the makers obsession for detail very well using only the finest of hair without any of the impurities one tends to see in other brands.

To quote the maker "the Ranger could quite possibly be your one-brush brush collection."

Featuring an impact resistant Alumilite resin in Carbon and featuring Alpine Grade badger hair, the tips and incredibly soft and comfortable with a very a firm face feel. Entirely handmade in the USA.

Some specifications:

Knot size (measured at handle opening) - 27mm

Knot loft (height of hairs above handle) - 54mm +/- 1mm

Handle height ~ 55mm

New this brush retailed for $300USD ($245USD+taxes and shipping). Unfortunately I have some competing priorities at the moment and need to recover my costs.  Will sell for $300SD plus costs international shipping via PayPal.

[Image: mC8sNII.jpg]

[Image: 4IoutEV.jpg]
PM sent

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Beauty brush and these are great performers.

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On an eternal den clearing mission at this point.
Pm sent
Thanks Gents. Sorry was asleep as it was nighttime in Australia. Brush has sold!

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Ha. look all the circling sharks! Wink

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