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$525 shipped with insurance within the USA. International shipping can be discussed.
The handle and baseplate are damascus steel and the topcap is polished stainless steel. It comes with a carbon fiber handle also and the original packaging.
The razor has a very interesting texture which is grippy and does not slide when your fingers are wet. It is a somewhat moderate/mild shave with some blade feel, I would give it a 5 in a 1-10 aggressive scale and it is a thing of beauty.
Thanks for looking.
[Image: BbZeHcK.jpg][Image: 94iMEiB.jpg][Image: ao3GgQq.jpg][Image: G6zPkek.jpg][Image: okih55t.jpg][Image: 1qXf42U.jpg][Image: I0wd22q.jpg][Image: Uiyip6h.jpg][Image: 5FsQVTV.jpg][Image: 2tcnIXS.jpg][Image: p5uR1YJ.jpg]

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