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Selling my Carbon Cx with the titanium handle. I purchased it from the retail section of the website (not returns) less than a month ago and have taken meticulous care of it. Have always used an o-ring. I don't know if Carbon has improved their polishing or if I got lucky, but the polishing on this one is outstanding! Very close to Wolfman's basic finish.

Comes with original packaging.

Price: $245 CONUS and military addresses
Retails for $270

Not really looking for any trades but might be open to other premium razors (no brushes or soaps please), and would prefer to avoid international shipping.

[Image: kYM2v6v.jpg]
[Image: j0w4xE7.jpg]
[Image: SDXCSa5.jpg]
[Image: g7tgFuc.jpg]

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Thread is closed because I mentioned "Wolfman" in the description, but if you're seeing this listing it's because it's still available.

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