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Nice selection of  brushes
Prices include shipping. No trades at this time.

Milk glass from Elite Razor with 24mm Manchurian White fan. $60

Wild West Brushworks Jade with 24mm Elite Razor Manchurian White Bulb $50

Bristle Brushworks Hucklaration with White Knight II knot $70

Brad Sears L7 shape.  24mm select knot. This brush isn’t marked because it was sold as a second due to the imperfection in the resin pattern. This is a fabulous knot with incredibly soft tips. $65
[Image: 6YowaCX.jpg][Image: 0ghBKxY.jpg][Image: EDFErrX.jpg][Image: kqzgKtI.jpg][Image: OPleURY.jpg]

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What is a White Knight II knot?

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- Jeff
It is Bristle Brushwerks finest knots. They are incredible 2 band knots with medium backbone and soft tips.

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Ok thanks! You shouldn't list it as a "Hucklaration" then. That would mean it has a Declaration Grooming knot in it.
- Jeff
What else should I call his Hucklaration shape? That’s the name the brushmaker gave the shape so I’ll keep it. See where your coming from about the knot but that’s why I stated what knot it currently has.
Brad sear sold, Jade sold

Munich area, Germany
(12-07-2018, 06:54 PM)ppfingsten Wrote: Brad sear sold

You knew me as LithiumDawn before
[Image: Us5yrae.png]

Ok, I'm an idiot and I stand corrected. It was an exclusive collab between the 2 artisans, but I didn't know that was the name of that particular shape. My apologies, carry on and GLWTS.
- Jeff

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