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Selling all these great brushes as a lot for $99 shipped. I will donate 100% of the money to Seattle Children’s Hospital and immediately provide the buyer proof that is exactly where the money went.

Included in the lot:

1. APShaveCo w/ 24mm Tuxedo Synthetic Knot

2. WSP w/ 26mm Synthetic Knot

3. APShaveCo w/ 22mm Cashmere Knot in a Custom Wild West Brushworks Handle!

4. A Custom Brush hand turned and polished by me! Features a 26mm Synthetic Knot that has been Silicon Glued in. You could easily replace it with a badger knot, etc if you so desired.

5. A Custom Handle also made by me! Will accept a 25 or 26mm knot.

[Image: 1e61aafafde018eb4f20c796834a8a7d.jpg][Image: 39a7686d0c9e71ace3a7bb2312be8891.jpg][Image: 1e58a046f25db369b0e9c6cb95c776a4.jpg][Image: f37f99ab92bcd7a75ebc75ece3720a81.jpg][Image: a61439ea8c9e2b1b6fa9fa667c3b90a3.jpg][Image: bfb9bcb3bc21756ecb6fbf30923d6e3c.jpg]

[Image: 08cf9a619130fa3f2ea790fbf5d60dc9.jpg][Image: 5f890d060c8d1ef07231014c769efea0.jpg][Image: 2391679c0b691584d2fb2efb8218219e.jpg][Image: 600d888dd5975deef8775840c8a50708.jpg]

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I will testify that Stubble Daddy's handles are excellent! I bought three and they are all winners. The fact that the money goes to the Children's Hospital is an added bonus. Win/Win.

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You know what this is for a charity so I'll take the lot if it's still available.
(09-07-2019, 10:17 PM)rp_Neo2000 Wrote: You know what this is for a charity so I'll take the lot if it's still available.

Sold. Thanks so much

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