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This Gillette Fat Handle Tech is from the mid-40's to mid-50's era and is made out of brass ( top cap ,base plate & hollow handle ).
Made in England .It's condition is very good ,lacking of any dents and major scratches .
At the very bottom of the cap screw the nickel plating was removed  for some reason ,by the previous owner(s) .

Along comes a second extra handle ,made of solid brass ,"tree-bark" texture carved by hand and with "gunmetal gray " patina applied .
It has a turquoise "gemstone " decoration on it's bottom end ,made of mica-resin composite .
It has #10-32 threads to fit the Tech (it also fits to  Karve ,& RR Gamechanger heads ) .
12 mm diameter ,approx 80 mm length .
It's a unique hand-made piece .

Also included :
- A custom shaving brush - 10065 Omega boar knot on NOM ( Muhle ) Acacia wood handle .
- A genuine leather razor sheath .
- Some extra small gifts !

Price is 40 Euros ( ) ,worldwide shipping included .
Paypal only.

Thank you DFS for the hospitality .

[Image: IMG-B.jpg]
[Image: IMG-C.jpg]
[Image: IMG-D.jpg]
[Image: IMG-F.jpg]
[Image: IMG-G.jpg]
[Image: IMG-E.jpg]
[Image: IMG-A.jpg]

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Chicago, IL USA
I need that wood bark handle in 101mm! Stunning piece!

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(09-22-2019, 04:31 PM)ExtraProtein Wrote: I need that wood bark handle in 101mm! Stunning piece!

Yes ,it''s a stunning piece indeed !
And it's price is way higher than the 40 € asked ...
But I do not use it anymore ,as I 've already few more of stunning handles !
Big Grin
Bump & new reduced price : 30€ ,world wide shipping included .
On hold .Funds pending .
Sold !

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