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A vintage Gillette Aristocrat Junior razor in outstanding condition. This razor predates the Gillette dating code. BRIT.  PAT. NO. 430030, Made In England and the Gillette logo. This model of razor was produced in 1948-1949 (please, see mr-razor.com/Rasierer/One-Piece%20solid%20guard%20bar/solid%20guard%20bar.htm as reference). Weight 72 g, length 83 mm. British Gillettes are known to be better built and operate smoother compared with American models. All of the blades perform well with this razor.  This razor is a gem as it is not picky, it always works and works well, and it is never too aggressive or too mild, IMHO. Asking $70 via PayPal, shipped, CONUS.

[Image: JTlYWOk.jpg][Image: wkvZZBI.jpg][Image: jLuFoEe.jpg]

Surprised this hasn’t gone. This is one of the best vintage Gillettes available. As good as the regular British Aristocrats or better. It’s the only Gillette still in my den. I own two Webers and this. And a piece of shaving history! GLWTS.
SOLD, Please archive.

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