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Hello Everyone,

Up for sale today is a beautiful brush purchased last month from Brad Sears directly. He did an incredible job on this brush and this design has shown to be very popular recently. I am only selling because of funding an upcoming vacation and my knot shape preference starting to change. This brush has been used a total of 4 times and has been washed with VP Leonhardy's cleanser 2 times.

It is a 26mm 2-Band Select knot that was a part of Brad's 1804A2F batch. This batch has gotten rave reviews from owners as one of the best to come along in some time. The fine tips are velvety with good backbone and density. The handle is Brad's Preacher design with Ebony resin with a Tigris band. This handle feels awesome in the hand and is a work of art.

I purchased for $183 total.

I am selling for $165 shipped, ConUS. I will ship internationally for $160 plus shipping costs.

[Image: d1LcRSm.jpg]

[Image: q9DHcvz.jpg]

[Image: dtzjowW.jpg]

[Image: XWQUbYj.jpg]
SOLD! Please archive

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