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***SOLD   1. Blackland Vector Machined Finish with stand  $155  shipped CAN/US with tracking #
    Second owner; razor is in good condition; there is a very minor indentation on the top-plate near the front edge. Imperceptible
            while shaving. I tried my best to capture it in the third photo. Some Feather Pros and Super Pros will come with razor. Uncertain on how                           many are still in the packages. 

[Image: tflNIL.jpg]

[Image: 4C7cEU.jpg]

[Image: FwgEad.jpg]

[Image: FXN5ju.jpg]

*** SOLD  2. Karve Brass 3.5 inch handle with SB plates C,D,E, & F  $95  shipped CAN/US with tracking # SOLD***
    Comes with a custom aluminum stand. Original owner. 

[Image: LoVyTf.jpg]

[Image: PgeT4C.jpg]

[Image: yacnwI.jpg]

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PM Sent for an inquiry
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Karve razor has sold.
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Vector reduced to $155.
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Williamsburg, KY
This is a STEAL of a deal !!! Can't believe it's not gone........
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