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Hello! Looking to trade my two razors for one DE. One is a machined finish Blackland Sabre level 1, and the other is an ATT G1 on an aftermarket hammered handle (not sure of the make) I purchased both of these used about a month ago and find them both to be too mild for my taste. The Sabre has some slight marks on the top cap, shown in the last picture. They are very small and do not affect the shave. If you shave every day, or have light growth, you may like these better than me. Included are around 30 SS GEM blades. Not interested in selling, just would like to trade.

Interested primarily in:
Carbon Shaving razors
YPM razors (preferably with the aggressive plate)
Diamondback (2019 or 2020, I know, it's a far stretch lol)

Would consider any mid to high end DE, and could add cash if the value is higher than these.

ATT G1 head only MSRP $99
Blackland Sabre machined finish MSRP $185

[Image: cCUqtjJ.jpg][Image: 0625rex.jpg][Image: U27IAzs.jpg][Image: Swy9Uvp.jpg][Image: BWUWHk7.jpg][Image: mNL9X3H.jpg]

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