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Letting go of a few items that I no longer use. Please, let me know if you have any questions.
I am also open to a trade for a Charcoal Goods Level 2 or 3 head. Smile

*SOLD*   1. Blackland Sabre L1 $125shipped CAN/US with tracking #

Original owner, used a handful of times.
Excellent condition, except for two small markings on opposite sides of the handle that I hadn't noticed when I received it. By the time I did notice them, the 30-day guarantee had expired and I felt guilty about contacting Shane for a replacement handle. Thus, the reason for the substantial discount.
The markings are not as noticeable as in the photos as I used a 10x magnification lens.

[Image: aobkkJ.jpg]

[Image: nzxQM2.jpg]

[Image: w00pnL.jpg]

[Image: jTb8CJ.jpg]

[Image: Dk0uWW.jpg]

*SOLD*  2. Chubby 2 Super 3-Band knot + Oscar11 handle $135 shipped CAN/US with tracking #

Beautifully renowned knot in my favourite handle shape.
The knot was set a bit off center, but functions, perfectly. It is hard to let this go as it is a superb brush, especially the handle.
Approximate measurement:
Knot= 28 x 53mm

*SOLD*  3. Shavemac D-01 2-Band + Doug Korn Aquamarine Taca $90 shipped with tracking #

Wonderful knot with soft scrub and very good backbone
Approximate measurement:
Knot=28-29 x 53mm

* Please note, other items in photos not for sale.

[Image: luxBCS.jpg]

[Image: nc6vSa.jpg]

[Image: XiOVrt.jpg]

[Image: Xi686F.jpg]

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If that Sabre was a Lvl2 plate I'd have bought it already. This is a great deal for someone.

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Thanks, David. Shy

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